Englewood Car Wash Services

$7.95 Shining Armor
Soft Cloth Wash
Towel Dry
$11.95  Wheel Works
Shining Armor Wash PLUS
Wheel Brite
High Gloss Tire Shine


Red Carpet
Soft Cloth Wash
Towel Dry
Interior Vacuum
Dash Dusted


Royal Treatment
Red Capet Wash PLUS
Wheel Cleaner
Underbody Wash
$15.95  The King
Wheel Works Wash PLUS
Underbody Rust Inhibitor
UV Triple Foam
Air Freshener


Midas Touch
Royal Treatment Wash PLUS
Tire Shine
Air Freshener


Crown Jewel
Midas Touch Wash PLUS
Triple Foam Lather
Cupholders Cleaned
Dash Wiped

HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday - Sunday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

287 S. Indiana Ave | Englewood, FL 34223